Books with diploma on top iconTeachers and administration at Mount Ogden Junior High are going up and above to create a thriving environment where students can achieve academically and socially. Teachers collaborate with students and parents to created a targeted plans that will benefit each student’s unique strengths and needs. Mount Ogden works diligently to create an environment that fosters learning, cultivates high student achievement and develops critical thinkers and problem solvers by providing quality instruction.

Each day students participate in FLEX time, which is an intervention or extension that focuses on individual student needs. AP Geography is offered, which is unique for junior high schools in Utah. Collaboration with Ogden High provides independent study for students ready to start high school curriculum. Career & Technical Education (CTE) pathways allow students to explore their interests for life after graduation. Ogden School District provides dozens of elective opportunities that include college-level academics through Concurrent  Enrollment (CE) and Advanced Placement (AP). Ogden School District also offers students International Baccalaureate (IB) opportunities. Flexible schedules allow students to advance in their studies when ready and our Chrome technology program now has three fully functioning labs and four chrome labs teachers can check out.

Internet Access at Home

Home WiFi Icon


Families may qualify for discounted home internet service* for personal use from an independent vendor by visiting or contacting 855-846-8376

Families may request a wireless internet access device** (hotspot) for school use by completing the linked form and submitting it to the student’s school.

*This program is not affiliated with Ogden School District
**Subject to qualifying terms and availability